Built by Neighbours

Phase 1: Audit

Audit your house by answering a series of questions and taking photos.

Phase 2: Analytics

We analyze the information you provide using cutting-edge research.

Phase 3: Action

You get a fun, custom game of how to make your house more energy efficient.

Are you interested?

The more interest we get, the faster we build.

About Us

We know that deep down, the wildest dream everyone has,
is to be an auditor.

Now your dream can come true.

Play a simple game on your phone, and end up with a clear picture of how your house could be more energy efficient. We give you a path of all the steps you could take, and things you could buy to make your home better. If you decide to buy them through us, great (yayyy money for food!), but if not, we will sleep better at night knowing that your house feels more like home and you know how to be an efficiency hero.

Our team has background in diverse sectors including auditing, sustainability, technology and poetry. If you want more details on the science behind it, please reach out! We love to let our nerd flag fly.